BigHand, [formerly Esquire Innovations, Inc.] a leading provider of Microsoft Office integrated practice management software services and applications for the legal market, counts more than 600 law firm and in-house counsel clients utilizing its applications. BigHand has been developing, supporting, and selling document creation, formatting, re-purposing, comparison, and metadata management software applications in the legal industry since 1999.

The people at BigHand are hard-working, enthusiastic and committed to exceeding client expectations in every aspect of the business. Our goal is to create innovative software solutions designed to help our clients achieve their business goals. We do this by listening carefully to customer needs and then developing cost-effective tools that meet them head on.

Innovative Software + Astonishing Services = Extraordinary Client Success

At BigHand we continue to seek new and better ways to capture critical information about our clients’ business, their workflow, and key pressure points. This information is shared with the development team to ensure that client needs are always considered during product design and enhancement phases. At the foundation of this information flow is the relationship that we maintain with our customers. As part of our proactive support practice, we often call our clients before they call us.

BigHand has established itself as an industry leader by focusing on tools that are easy to install, easy to customize, easy to teach, easy to administer, and most of all easy to use.

Exceeding client expectations, every time! Virtually every aspect of BigHand business is challenged to exceed client expectations. In today’s rapidly changing business climate, it is not enough for customers to be merely satisfied. We want you to be ecstatic about our solutions and services, and we will go to great lengths in order to make that happen!

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