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Enterprise metadata removal (secure large file transfer, email encryption and registered email services)

iScrub is the premier enterprise metadata removal and management solution. Firms can automate removal or configure simple and intuitive metadata management levels to ensure users are cleaning documents before recipients view detrimental metadata. Use iScrub to remove document properties, past authors (all document authors), tracked changes, deleted text and much more.

iScrub also includes Registered Email Services, e-Signature, email encryption and large file transfer capabilities through the RPost module.

The electronic forms of Microsoft Word files contain hidden data and extraneous information to the actual text, such as the authors of the document, deleted text, and drafting history. When these files are shared outside of the firm there is a high risk of unintentional disclosure of private information (metadata risk) that may be adverse to client representation or extremely embarrassing.

Administration: Easy to use Admin Console allows for network level policy changes and updates without any interruption in workflow.

Cleaning Email Attachments: iScrub automatically prompts users when sending attachments through email for a firm-wide enforceable metadata policy. Firms can provide default levels or allow users to change settings as emails are sent out.

PDF features: Users can clean and convert files to PDF format. Users have the ability to output to PDF/A (Archive) format, lock down PDF’s with security options and secure PDF’s with passwords.

Application integration: Users can clean and view document metadata inside of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

RPost Registered Email Services: Built-in RPost functionality to send emails “Registered”, include e-signature capabilities and encrypt (end-to-end) emails sent out.

Large File Transfer - Large file transfer up to 200Mb per message.

Zip attachments: Clean files located inside .zip attachments through email automatically or “zip” attachments into one folder while sending via email.

iScrub is a metadata removal solution available for the removal of potentially harmful metadata. The application is simple to configure, administer, train on and use.

Manage risk

  • Automatically clean attachment metadata to prevent disclosure of potentially detrimental metadata
  • Lock down PDF documents to prevent editing and copying of content
  • Enforce company standards to prevent accidental disclosure of sensitive metadata

Improve Workflow

  • RPost Registered Email integration
  • “Send and Scrub” automation from within Microsoft Word
  • Convert documents to PDF/A format
  • Batch cleaning available in “SpinCycle” feature for cleaning large quantities of documents
  • View document metadata inside Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Implementing iScrub has been a great benefit to Keker & Van Nest. iScrub’s Outlook connectivity means users needn’t follow a procedure or think about steps, when removing metadata. They are automatically prompted to clean attachments if an e-mail message includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files. Without minimizing the importance of the metadata issue, iScrub’s unobtrusive presence allows users to focus on other issues, and rest assured they won’t unintentionally divulge confidential information.

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iScrub is designed using Enhanced Native Architecture (ENA). Read more about ENA


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System Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows XP SP3
  • Windows Vista SP2
  • Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)
  • Windows 8

Microsoft Office Versions

  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013

Email Systems

  • Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Lotus Notes
  • GroupWise

Recommended Requirements

  • 30mb hard drive available space
  • 800 x 600 Video Adapter
  • .NET 4.0
  • 2.0+ Ghz Processor
  • 2-4 GB RAM

What is Metadata?

Metadata Explained

Microsoft included many automated features in MS Office to aid in the document production process. Unfortunately, automation can leave electronic evidence of this process. These include the identity of those who edited the document, the time and frequency of edits, commentary, the document template and file location, and other data employed to control the document’s text and format. In some cases, even deleted text remains part of a document’s electronic file history. All of these elements combined make up a document’s metadata.

What is RPost?

Registered Email® services are secure, authenticated and legal electronic messaging, document, and web services — the way the world transacts business when it matters!

  • Legal Proof® records - RPost proves legal delivery, content and time for any email 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action, with delivery direct to recipient inbox and third party authentication on-demand.
  • Compliant Encryption – only RPost encryption protects the sender from fines associated with data breaches by transmitting encrypted and proving encrypted delivery.
  • Authenticated E-Signatures - obtain recipient electronic signoff on attachments to email. Only RPost authenticates signature, content, timestamp, and signoff audit trail for the highest evidential record of each transaction.
  • Large File Transfer - Large file transfer up to 200Mb per message.

Since 2000, RPost has innovated to offer integrated services that reduce paper, postage, fax, time, risk and cost, while increasing security, and speeding business. Today, the world’s largest companies rely on RPost. Learn More

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